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Hi! My name is Darcy Adelaide. I'm from Long Island, New York. I have a BFA in Interior Design. My name is on the Notre Dame.
I hope to travel a lot in my lifetime and learn about as many different cultures of the world as possible. This is logbook of these journeys through my eyes. Therefore every image on this site is taken by me, unless otherwise clearly stated. Please free to ask me anything!
Skagway, Alaska.
This is what it looks like at 10 o’clock at night in Summer in Alaska.
Skagway, Alaska.

Central Park Zoo, New York, New York.

It’s important that you all see this video my friend took when we visited the Zoo last week. I suggest you watch to the end for the cutest bit! :)

Cardinal Directions.

The farthest North I’ve ever been: Anchorage, AK, US.
[Lat: 61° 13’ 5.001” Long: -149° 54’ 1.0002”]

The farthest South I’ve ever been: Sanibel Island, FL, US.
[Lat: 26° 26’ 36.2292” Long: -82° 6’ 41.4432”]

The farthest East I’ve ever been: Aix En Provence, FRANCE.
[Lat: 43° 31’ 47.0706” Long: 5° 26’ 50.7372”]

The farthest West I’ve ever been: Anchorage, AK, US.
[Lat: 61° 13’ 5.001” Long: -149° 54’ 1.0002”]

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Whale whale whale

It’s been a while since I’ve been active on this blog because as a post-grad, I’m saving up which means a lot less moving around. I’m going to start posting some pictures from the winter and as well as some home shots. Until then, have a looksie at the WHERE I’VE BEEN page, as well as the TIPS and the TRAVEL INSPIRATION !

Darcy :)

Twentythirteen summarized in eight minutes. I’m so thankful for all the people I’ve shared this year with. After the places, the people, the events, the adventures of 2013 - I can’t wait to see what this next year has in store. I’m on a roller coaster that only goes up my friends.


A friend of mine’s older sister posted this on Facebook as her ‘Christmas Card’ earlier this week, what a wonderful idea.
Surround yourself with people that will make you a better person, surround yourself with people whose lives you can make better. And no matter where your heart is this holiday season - Happy Holidays :)


Chillkat Glacier.
Skagway, Alaska.

If you want to know the who what hows about glaciers, you’ll have to take a tour yourself. What I can tell you is - there are people that their job is literally to get up every morning and hang out on a glacier and smile at you and they loveeeee it. I mean how could you not. Unless it’s a rainy day, walking on the glacier is sunny and warm and the perfect place to throw in weird dance moves. And where else can you drink purified water that’s running underneath thousands of years of ice.

Notre Dame.Paris, France.
Notre Dame means ‘Our Lady’ in French. There are actually many ‘Notre Dames’ around the world, since it is more of a name than a place. Notre Dame de Paris, does however have cool gargoyles at the top that I got to touch.



I’ve got a couple of my favorite photo prints that I’m putting up on a website called Society 6. Which means some of the cool photos I’ve taken are available as Framed Photos, IPhone cases, Graphic Tote Bags, Thank You Cards and even Pillows. I’m going to be adding more to this site soon. I only get a percentage of the profits, but hopefully one or two people out in the world will like at least one and help me slowly oh so slowly start paying back my dreaded student loans as I work for my minimum wage.