• The Electric Sons @ Pianos NYC
    Brooklyn, New York.

    There’s a bar in Brooklyn called Pianos that often has live music. I’m actually not going to talk about the place much - It was nice, though the set up, I feel, doesn’t promote music as well as it could being that getting to the show meant going through a really narrow hallway after paying a cover.

    More importantly here, I’m throwing out the name of this band.
    The Electric Sons.
    An incredibly talented Indie/Electronic band from the Atlanta area. They currently have their music on a National AD Campaign for TJMaxx and recently performed at a music festival as the opener for Ellie Goulding & Passion Pit. Besides being talented and having live shows full of energy - They’re also super handsome and funny if you get to talk to them after the show. You can find their music HERE & HERE.

    Pretty much, they are the kind of band that while touring right now is building up a lot of steam. If you don’t already, start listening now - even if it’s just so when they blow up in the next year you can say you heard them first.

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